George Bissett Elementary

GBES Weekly Family Forecast (June 6-10)

Hi Families,

We are beginning our garden program at school this week. We will be installing garden boxes for each class in the front of the school on Monday or Tuesday. We are hoping that students can bring in a beach bucket and shovel (plastic) to school tomorrow to help move. After the soil has been moved, classes will each choose their own seeds to plant.

School Supplies

Teachers have created school supplies lists for next year. You can pick up supplies on your own or give the school $40.00 to purchase supplies for your child. You should have received a School Cash Online email with a link to make a payment or you may choose to send in cash to the office if choose to have the school purchase classroom supplies.

Subway lunch takes place tomorrow Little Caesar’s Pizza hot lunch takes place on Wednesday.

Please click here to read June's School Newsletter.

Have a great week!


Jimmy Hurley


George Bissett