George Bissett Elementary

Icy Conditions @ GBES


Hello GBES Families,

The return to school in January has brought a mix of wet and cold winter weather.  This combination has left our school grounds in icy conditions.  We are working daily with our Caretaker, and school snow removal contractor to ensure safe conditions.

Each school day our Admin team and Caretaker walk the school grounds to check for it’s safety.  You will notice Mr. Fry and/or Mr. Greenwood outside in the morning monitoring the grounds and students during arrival time. 

At this time we have icy conditions in most of the grassy areas.  This has prevented us from going outside last week, and is continuing into this school week.  This means that taking shortcuts, or following unclear paths may be hazardous due to the ice formed from this freeze/thaw cycle.

While students are inside at recess and/or lunch they have flexibility to socialize and play in the classroom.  We recently purchased $300 worth of board games to offer more  variety of activities for the students.

We are working to ensure that the driveway into the school and paved areas immediately around the school are clear and safe.  The paths that lead to Fieldwood, and Ashley/Arklow are not  cleared under  the school snow removal process. 

If you have any questions,  please check in with us at the office.

John Fry