George Bissett Elementary

This Week's Forecast September 24-28

Hey GBES Families,
Here are some important things coming up:
PD Day:  No school this Friday for students  Teachers will be working on our school goals and strategies around improving Math and Writing.  We are also working on self-regulation.  
What is Self-Regulation? We are going to be going on a self-regulation journey as a school and community.  This will not be an add-on program in our classes.  It offers a science based perspective on understanding how we act and react when we have stressors in our lives. This builds on the work we  are already doing in our school. We will start the conversations this Friday on our PD day.  There is more information here at the website. More information available at .  Here is a quick overview
Self-Regulation Idea of the week: Soft eyes.   Soft Eyes, Soft Voice. Adults need be the model and the rock for our kids when they are dysregulated.  We need to be calm in both words and body language. If we concentrate on keeping the muscles around our eyes soft, or neutral, our voice will naturally follow. It is a physiological impossibility to have an edge in your voice if the muscles around your eyes are soft.  Try it out this week. 
Family Picture: the family collage made up of staff and family pictures has started in the main lobby. Please send in a picture of your family ( formal or informal).  Email me a pic from your phone to  and I’ll print it.  It builds on the I AM posters in the lobby and lets us get to know who all our families are.   These do not need to be fancy portrait pictures, send what you can.
Orange Shirt Day: our school is participating in Orange Shirt Day on September 27.  There will be age appropriate conversations about residential schools and reconciliation.  If you have anything you wish to discuss about this topic, please contact me at the office or email 
Schools Plus:  Did you know we have a community outreach worker who can help with funding for recreation programing?  She can also help find rec programming for your child.  She is also available to meet as a parent support, or guide if you feel it would help.  You can contact us at the office, or Debra Philpitt directly.  Her email is and phone is 902-237-2173.
Parking: A few reminders: please park on the road.  If some else is doing a pick up/drop off- let them know where to park.  Any issues, see us in the office.